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  • United Kingdom
  • 08/02/2023
  • Freelance
Job expired!

About the job


What if you could join one of the fastest-growing writing communities in the world while working at a time and pace that suits you best?


Marker is expanding their team of global writers, and applying couldn't be easier.


We are a written content marketplace showcasing real writers to businesses worldwide. Buyers include marketing agencies, publishers, small businesses, and website developers. These Buyers need content, so sign up while demand is high.


We accept, publish and sell articles across thousands of topics, from beauty to business, travel to technology, and just about everything in between; whatever your written passion, there's creative space for you at Marker.


We are a 100% remote community; part of our power is our ever-growing global community.


Uploading your articles takes seconds; every time they sell, you'll earn 80% of the final sale. The best part? Each article can be purchased unlimited times, meaning unlimited earning potential.


Learn more and join our community by clicking the link today:

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