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Every website and business has certain limitations and policies which must be followed by every user of ours. Jobolytics also has its Terms and Conditions under which you may use our website for personal and organizational purposes.

Please read all the things that can be important to you later carefully. We insist you use our website after reading all terms and conditions here so that it might not put you in a situation where you find yourself stuck.

After accepting all the terms and conditions written over here you are indicating to us that you are a sensitive being to use Jobolytics with your consent and are bound to our every policy and condition.


The Company makes no claims that the job or candidates we provide to our users are for long-term and permanent staffing. It solely depends on the agency you get recruited from and on their policies which we have not taken liability of.

Our policy came under the laws and jurisdiction of the country and if invaded by anyone can be punishable in monetary & sentence terms. If we found any of the users dealing with unethical practices on our websites we shall have the right to sue them whenever we want.

We do not promise to get you the job or candidates how you wish it’s ultimately a false promise if one uses our names and makes you get a backdoor entry into some organization or charges you any money please feel free to contact us at the very moment.

User Policy:-

According to rules by our laws and jurisdiction, If the candidate is 18 or older, then he/she has the complete right to use our website and we grant you access which is authorized in all terms.

Every user must consider not distributing and not doing any act which comes under violating our terms and conditions, for instance, if we find our content is sold somewhere by any user we shall take strict action against them.

User must obey the rules and regulations of our organization or in case we find anyone misleading other by the name of us can be punishable by the court with fine and other legal actions.

User Information:-

When you once register for the Jobolytics website, during registration you need to provide a genuine email and contact number with your actual name and address. Either you are an employer or a job seeker who will be going to use our platform to get a job.

All the information you have filled in on our portal is completely secure and will be kept highly confidential in all terms. The company has no right to disclose your details to third-party websites and web portals.

Except to the necessary or appropriate organizations where you could get a job to abide by with laws of the company where such information is relevant and necessary to use.

Third-Party Websites Links:-

Our website sometimes may flash a few links which are related to third-party websites. It may contain monetary profit for us as an endorsement by the Company. Jobolytics shall not be responsible for third-party websites and does not share any relation with them.

It’s your choice whether to surf it or not, we do not compel any of our users to surf it, perhaps they may have such privacy policies of cookies and all which can contain your personal information once it gets clicked.

Whether you decide to access such linked websites on our portal or not, you shall be responsible for all the harm in case you get cheated by them.

Jobolytics private policy details warned you at every step how data filled by you and about you is collected/used/disclosed when you visit our websites and services. Even if you are using our websites and third-party websites you acknowledge completely that you are aware of it completely.

We will occasionally update this Statement of Privacy to reflect company and customer feedback So we encourage you to periodically review this Statement to be informed.


Jobolytics shall have all the rights to take strict action against the convict of copyright infringements of our website and content that ultimately belong to us.

No one has the right to misuse our website content in any terms of blogs and personal information of any candidates and employers including the website code in terms of HTML and JavaScript and our database of ours.

Although we have a completely secure website, if any unethical practice regarding our website is found in some way or other, we shall bring you to court and try you will not be set free for long in case of violating our policies and terms.